We have experienced over 120% reduction in my advertising costs using coregtracker.

Dave -

So, how do we actually cut your costs in half? Simply put, we look at every incoming lead and ensure the leads are real and marketable. We then give you the analytical tools to spot and eliminate poor performing vendors.

Our 4 step process works as follows:

1) Examine incoming leads
The CoregTracker system examines incoming leads either in real time or in batch format. We then immediately scrub and track all incorrectly formatted email addresses, phone numbers, and postal codes. From there the lead enters the system.

2) Compare against existing leads
We then scrub and track leads which already exist from the same publisher, other publishers and even your own customers (essentially every lead which is un-marketable.)

3) Remove email bounces
Recipients whose emails bounce are then further scrubed and tracked in the system both to reduce email costs and to reduce the amount of actual, valid leads you are responsible for paying for.

4) Evaluation
With our sub ID tracking ability you are able to evaluate not only the return on investment in real time of each vendor, but also each site which makes up the vendors network. Since the conversion rate can vary wildly from one site to another, the ability to easily spot and then eliminate poor converting sites can dramatically increase your conversions; thereby lowering your costs. The CoregTracker system has every tool you'll need to optimize your coreg advertising results. Our customers routinely cut their costs by over 110% after using the system for just one month! Pricing has two components; setup cost/consulting and a monthly per user fee. Pricing is variablbased upon useage. So, get started today by contacting us now!

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Cut Costs In Half

How do we do this? Simple. Our system examines every incoming lead against existing customers, duplicate leads from your current coreg database, bounced or undeliverable emails, and much, much more.

Only Pay For Good Leads

We also give you the tools to quickly evaluate your coreg vendors and improve the quality of leads by eliminating poor performing sites.